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The recruiting process can be draining for student-athletes, but it’s definitely stressful for parents too. Parents want to see their student-athletes find success at the next level. That’s what NCSA is here for. We want the same thing for the student-athletes we work with.

We’ve made plenty of parents and student-athletes happy at the end of the recruiting process. These are just some of our most recent top reviews; check back for new testimonials from parents every week.

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Here's what a few families have to say about how important it was to work with NCSA.

Mark, whose son, Austin, is a class of 2014 graduate currently playing men's soccer, and whose daughter, Amanda, is a 2018 women's soccer recruit from Maryland

My son used your service, and we currently have our daughter using your service as well.

I am a high school soccer coach, a high level club soccer coach, ex-NCAA DI and II player, and my wife played Div I field hockey, so we know a little about what it takes to be a college athlete, but becoming a college athlete is a little different. The tools, capability, and breadth that NCSA provided were exceptional. NCSA provided unequaled exposure and reach for our son, Austin. He found opportunities and opportunities found him that just would not have otherwise come about. He ended up at a nationally ranked Top 10 DII soccer program. It has been a perfect fit, and the coach found him through a search that the coach initiated through NCSA.

Coming from a nationally strong soccer area, it was pivotal that we reach coaches that knew about the quality of soccer in our area, the strength of competition, the high academic standards of the high schools, and appreciated the level of talent that would be realized from competing for players here. NCSA provided all the advantage we could have wanted to help reach programs that our son was interested in and who were interested in him. You can't argue with success and that's why we're with you again for our daughter.


Trevor, a 2017 football recruit from Florida

Coach Leccesi has been so helpful in teaching me what I need to do in order to make me successful in this process. For my parents and me, it is wonderful to have help in understanding this process. I know the high school coaches want to help, but they don't have the time it takes to help and they are not always up to date on the best camps and resources out there. We love the easy access to all of the colleges! With NCSA, its like someone is always there with you so the weight is not only on your shoulders!


The father of Selah, a 2018 softball recruit from Arizona

I am very impressed with the service you provide. I was also impressed with the initial phone calls, and the honesty of the guys we spoke with. my wife is very alert to sales trickery, and the phone contact you made with us won her over( not an easy chore!) We have learned so much about the recruiting process. and look forward to learning much more. I have already highly recommended NCSA to friends of mine whose daughters have the same dream as ours, to play at the next level. Thank you NCSA.


The mother of Sofia, a 2017 women's swimming recruit from New York

NCSA has really helped us carve out a clear path for our daughter to achieve her athletic goals for college. Her recruiting coach, Kate Rich, has been incredibly helpful not only in answering questions but also in advising on the best way to reach out to coaches and establish a relationship with them, as well as in knowing what steps to take along the way. Kate is always available and has good insights. Our daughter has a very good relationship with her. We're very happy so far.


Richard, a 2015 football recruit from New Jersey

Everyone we have dealt with has been so helpful, kind, courteous, and knowledgeable of this entire process. A truly wonderful caring bunch of people. Very supportive. The system itself is extremely useful and helpful in searching out colleges and teams that we have talked to. We are now in the closing stages of it all about to commit to a really great Division 2 school and it's all because of you folks and the NCSA online system and many great informative courses. We can't thank you enough. We'd have never reached this point without you.


Greg, whose son, Aaron, is a 2017 men's tennis recruit from British Columbia

We are in the process of completing my son's profile. We have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of attention and contact from NCSA urging us on both to view the various webinars and continue to complete the profile. We can not speak to the effectiveness of the entire program, because we still have so much to discover, but so far it's "two thumbs up."


The father of Spencer, a 2016 football recruit from Maryland

What a wonderful program this is. It strengthens my sons chances to communicate with coaches in order to improve his chances to enter college. He had good self esteem prior but it has risen beyond since NCSA showed interest in him. I have a great son. It is a blessing to know and hear from your staff that you think so as well- not just for his athleticism but more so because of who he is as a total child. Thank you for understanding our financial difficulties and working patiently each month regarding it. Your staff always has been supportive and professional. Looking out for my Spencer and his educational plans.


Amanda, a 2016 women's track recruit from Nevada

NCSA has been a very helpful source for me as an student-athlete to be exposed to college coaches and to get in touch with them. They guide throughout the whole process, so it's easier for my family, and they make sure you're taking the right steps in order to be recruited. Overall they're an amazing program for high school athletes that everyone should find about and use as a powerful tool in order to succeed!!!


Anthony, a 2017 baseball recruit from California

I have recommended NCSA to my team members, because emailing coaches and looking for Colleges is not easy. NCSA helps make everything open to you and recommends what schools are best for you. You just have to be proactive.

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