College Coach Testimonial on NCSA

The second most important people in the recruiting process, besides student-athletes, are coaches. NCSA is a trusted and valuable resource for more than 42,000 college coaches. They turn to NCSA to find athletes that are the right fit for their programs, both on and off of the field.

This is what a few of these coaches have to say about how important NCSA is in the recruiting process.


DI Big Ten Conference Swimming Coach

"Your emails and service help me do my job every day."


DI Big Ten Conference Football Coach

"Keep sending them our way man. You guys are awesome!" 


DI Pac-12 Women's Basketball Recruiting Coordinator

"Loved your work and all that you do for camps and teams." 


DI Ivy League Baseball Coach

"You are coming up with some good prospects for us!" 


DI America East Conference Basketball Coach

"We are very excited about the decision. Your information has been quite helpful to me and our program. Keep it coming." 


DI Southwestern Athletic Conference Baseball Coach

"Thanks for everything you guys do. We would have never been able to find [student-athlete's name] had it not been for your services. We are looking forward to getting him here next year and are excited to continue working with NCSA!" 


DI Mid-American Conference Softball Coach

"It is refreshing to know that you are doing the assessments and really trying to match the prospects to their appropriate schools. I believe that you understand there is so much more that goes into the recruiting process than just sending profiles and information on the prospects. I definitely trust your judgements and will take a look at the athletes you send our way because you believe they will be a good fit for us." 


DI-AA Football Coach

"I love your guys site, it always has a great amount of accurate information." 


DI Western Athletic Conference Football Coach

"Everything you send our way is really helpful this is actually how we saw [student's name] for the first time! Thank you and keep up the good work." 


DI Midwest Collegiate Conference Football Coach

"The information has been awesome. It's user-friendly and very informative. We appreciate all your help." 


DI Atlantic Sun Conference Softball Coach

"The videos help and you really do have some good players on there. If any more pop up along the way, you can absolutely send them my way and I will take a look at the videos."


DI Patriot League Men's Basketball Coach

"This is a much better list for our recruiting needs. I've already been in contact with a few of these kids, and I know they can all play."


DI Southwestern Athletic Conference Women's Basketball Coach

"I do appreciate you setting me up with NCSA. We have actually reached out to one of your student athletes and are looking at a couple other kids." 


DI Summit League Women's Volleyball Coach

"Thank you very much for sending me Erin's profile. I am very impressed with her video. We are recruiting a setter in the 2014 class and as of right now she would be our in our top tier of prospects. I appreciate your help in working with her and her family." 


DII Great American Conference Football Coach

"We're looking for quality athletes as well as first class young men to build our program around. We feel like we're at the verge of being one of the best division II programs in this part of the country. Thank you and NCSA for your help in identifying athletes from our region that fit our needs and specifications." 


DII Upper Midwest Athletic Conference Men's Basketball Coach

"You guys have been a huge help for our 2012 class and I'm think 3 of our recruits are from NCSA which is huge for our program." 


DII Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Softball Coach

"First I want to say thank you so much for all that yo do for me and our school with all the "possibilities" that will fit us here. We pride ourselves in the STUDENT athletes first here." 


DII Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference Football Coach

"We are all full for this year, we signed a number of NCSA kids so I appreciate all you do." 


DII United States Collegiate Athletic Association Women's Soccer Coach

"Thanks for the list. It helps, and we have contacted all. I know you are concerned about the student athletes matching our needs, and I'd say your service does an excellent job of that." 


DII Great Lakes Valley Conference Baseball Coach

"Really we like getting all of the emails. We typically will send out an email to every kid that sends us an email through your company trying to invite them to camp. By doing this last year we were able to get kids to come to camp and actually sign a lot of out of state kids."  


DIII Sunrise Athletic Conference Women's Basketball Coach

"NCSA has been a HUGE help for us in that department!! This week we had a student we found on NCSA from Texas up here and in two weeks we will have students from Ohio and Wisconsin here, both of whom we first made contact through NCSA. I have found your site to be the most user friendly and, as you can tell, gotten the best results from as well." 


DIII Great Northeast Athletic Conference Cross Country Coach

"So far I do not have any questions and have been surprised how easy and useful NCSA is. As most coaches probably do, I get random unsolicited recruiting prospects from all sorts of companies and countries, so I was skeptical of you guys, but after speaking with someone from your office and poking around the last few days it looks like you will be helpful to me and my team." 


DIII Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Swimming and Diving Coach

"I appreciate all your updates. Yours is the only on-line recruiting service that I use and understand. I try and contact all that are in the area or states with tuition agreements." 


DIII Colonial States Athletic Conference Golf Coach

"Thanks for the emails. Am having fun using your site. More than a couple have seen me view their page and then emailed me before I had a chance to email or call them so they are listening to your advice!!!" 


DIII Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Volleyball Coach

"Thanks so much for what you guys provide, it is definitely my favorite of the recruiting sites." 


DIII New England Small College Athletic Conference Water Polo Coach

"The information I receive from you is always helpful! We've gotten in contact with many quality student-athletes as a result." 


DIII Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Women's Basketball Coach

"Your service has been wonderful and we are likely going to have a few more successes in this year's class that work with you." 


DIII Northwest Conference Football Coach

"This exceeds any of my recruiting needs. Couldn't thank you enough for all your help." 


DIII American Southwest Conference Women's Volleyball Coach

"Thank you for all of you and your team's work in putting great recruits in front of college coaches like me!" 


DIII Northwest Conference Men's Basketball Coach

"Thanks for all the help with your recruiting service--you guys have a great product. Log on almost every day to see what's new." 


DIII Empire 8 Women's Basketball Coach

"The information has been really helpful and we are still looking for a point guard and a 2 guard for the 2012 recruiting class - any athletes you have that have the grades please pass along!"


DIII North Coast Athletic Conference Football Coach

"I also wanted to personally thank you and the rest of the staff at NCSA for all of your diligence and hard work. The recruiting profiles you send are always professional and within our academic standards. Our entire football staff appreciates what you do." 


DIII Great South Athletic Conference Basketball Coach

"I want to thank you for all the help, and helpful hints sent during the year. NCSA is a valuable asset to me and I will continue to use your service. Thank you for all you do at NCSA" 


DIII President's Athletic Conference Swimming and Diving Coach

"I'm glad to see the continuing success of NCSA, I have been growing more confident in your program and using it more and more. I would be happy to contact any recruits you have for me, or you can feel free to give out my contact info below to anyone." 


NAIA Appalachian Athletic Conference Basketball Coach

"Thanks for your support with this! Also - the layout of NCSA and info provided with each profile is probably the best I've seen to date. Love it." 


NAIA Men's Basketball Coach

"Thanks for the add. NCSA is a fantastic resource! We just recently signed a recruit from there." 


NJCAA Mid-West Athletic Conference Women's Basketball Coach

"This is one of the things I brag to other coaches about your service - you make sure that they are kids who will definitely consider a JUCO rather than chasing kids who have no intention of attending a JUCO like many other services do." 


NJCAA Football Coach

"Thank your for the phone call and email. I appreciate your help and all that NCSA can do for our program!"


NCCAA Football Coach

"Thank you. NCSA is, without a doubt, an invaluable recruiting asset to any college at any level." 


NCCAA Golf Coach

"I just wanted to let you know you have a great website. I really enjoy using it." 

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